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Creating brands that will stand the test of time and resonate with your audience for years.

We didin't revolutionize design, Just the delivery

We’re not here to reinvent the wheel of design. We’re here to make it go faster. We’re passionate about helping our clients create brands that stand out from the crowd, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver design services.We are as good as the best , a one man studio but definitely not a one man show.

Over the years we’ve partnered with leading companies such as

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Whether it’s a vibrant website or a unique branding you seek. We deliver exceptional quality for all.

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This is our portfolio

Linda Data Kenya

Knotted SaaS





FoodWorks Cafe

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What we offer What we got in our bag What we do
What we offer What we got in our bag What we do

What we offer

Unleash your creativity with our Team! We offer unique and innovative solutions to make your brand stand out.

Web Design

We create convenient, clear, and easy-to-use websites. We know how to solve complex tasks for e-commerce and large products, as well as how to make bright pages to achieve creative goals..


We assist brands in developing an identity that conveys their values and communicates consistently with consumers across all channels, from social media to packaging and advertising.

Social Media Management

We craft compelling social media strategies tailored to your brand's unique identity, driving meaningful connections and fostering community engagement.


We specialize in building e-commerce shops that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Our expertise ensures your online store not only looks stunning but also maximizes sales potential.

People talk

Nice Things People Say about our work
Nice Things People Say about our work
Namiri Creatives captured my brand’s essence perfectly! Their design helped us stand out and resonate with our audience.

John Kennedy CEO, Molo Line Adventures

They developed a clear roadmap that targeted the right audience and boosted our sales. True marketing masters!

Halima Nyota RIGO kenya

Namiri Creatives took my social media presence from zero to hero! They crafted engaging content that skyrocketed our follower count and brand awareness. So grateful

Dr Yunis BlueMont Dental

Struggled to create fresh, engaging content. Namiri Creatives came to the rescue! Their creative writing skills and storytelling expertise are top-notch. Highly recommend!

Dr Rashida Dentmind Clinic

Namiri in Numbers Namiri in Numbers Namiri in Numbers
Namiri in Numbers Namiri in Numbers Namiri in Numbers

We've achieved alot in a short period of time

"All things considered from strategy to implimentation"

Housing brands, businesses, and Organisations helping them grow, increase their revenues, expand brand awareness, connect with happy customers, and earn satisfied customers.


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Ask Away we're all ears

Everything you need to know about our little studio is right here. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for feel free to reach us out:

Why the name namiri ?

The name Namiri Creatives itself might evoke a sense of heritage or cultural influence. While the meaning remains open to interpretation, we envisioned a name that embodied the spark that ignites creative expression. Like "Namiri Creatives: Where Your Creative Spirit Roars" suggests, we believe in the bold power of untamed ideas. Yet, we also understand the importance of nurturing those ideas. Like a seed taking root, Namiri Creatives fosters ideas and helps them flourish into powerful narratives. This tagline emphasizes the source of creativity (inspiration) and the nurturing process we provide. It avoids being overly specific, allowing us to adapt to different creative areas and help you make your creative spirit roar.

Who directs the work?

Unlike traditional studios, I operate as a lean, global creative force. While I lead the vision, talented collaborators scattered across the globe bring their expertise to each project, ensuring a fresh approach and exceptional results. This unique structure allows me to tap into diverse perspectives, crafting creative solutions tailored to your specific needs, regardless of location.

When can you start and how long will it take?

You’re probably expecting this answer, but it depends on what you’re looking to do and how soon. Usually it takes at least one week for most projects but longer projects can take 3-4 months. Get in touch with us with more information and we’ll figure it out.

Can I join the team?

We have a full team currently, but we’d love to meet and see your work, we’ll just need to find you a seat. You can reach out to us at — even if we don’t have a space now we might have the opportunity in the future.

Paid internships are part of our studio culture. During the summer, we work with universities to select two students for the 3-month internship.Updates of such posts are made on our social platforms

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